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Massively Affected

Massively Affected is a one-on-one interview podcast where I bring a guest on and ask them the not-so-simple question, "Why Mass Effect?" The first season premiered with the release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and ultimately featured 11 guests sharing their joys, heartbreak, and passion surrounding the Mass Effect franchise.

Season Two is currently in development and set for an early 2022 launch.

Talking That Crit

Talking That Crit is a semi-weekly actual play Dungeons and Dragons Podcast set in the land of Jest! Our DM, Rich, takes myself, Chris, Blake, and Damian through the wasteland of a former technological juggernaut. On the show, I play Flameo Hotman, a Fire Genasi with skills as an Arcane Archer and Entertainer. They're a fairly chaotic individual set on bringing out joy in others that they themselves feel closed off to. 

Kinda Funny Games Daily

Co-Hosted Kinda Funny Games Daily alongside Greg Miller in October of 2018, taking part in announcement of then breaking news that Sony confirming development on the PlayStation 5. Constantly Calibrating, my then media outlet, had been invited to participate in the 2018 Kinda Funny Inter-Website Video Game Tournament, and as part of that experience we were invited to host two days of Kinda Funny Games Daily.

Constantly Calibrating Podcast

For eight years, across over 330 episodes I hosted (sometimes co-hosted), edited, planned, scheduled, and directed the Constantly Calibrating Podcast. Over the course of the show's history we featured over 100 guests, including BAFTA-winning voice actor Cissy Jones, voice actor Alix Wilton Regan, podcasting legend Kahlief Adams, and many more.

The full series of episodes are available on iTunes and Spotify, with limited video episodes on YouTube.

Debut of Justin Glorious

When Constantly Calibrating was invited to take part in the 2018 Kinda Funny Inter-Website Video Game Tournament we knew we were lesser known than most other competitors. On top of that, due to a miscommunication with Greg Miller, our competitor, my creative director Justin Stanley, didn't have his last name featured in the promotional video.

In one night we set out, over Skype, and scripted and recorded a wrestling style promo video with Justin debuting a wrestling persona for the tournament. From there I edited it together into one cohesive, and I do feel hilarious, package.

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